Here’s what people have said about my work:

“In the past year I had the pleasure of working with Maya in the corporate communications department. Maya has proved to be highly organized, professional, as well as a solid team player. She has shown great initiative in improving business processes and client satisfaction while working in a fast-paced environment and under constant pressure. I believe she would be an asset to any organization.”
Sheng Fei, Senior Business Analyst at True North Vantage Inc.

“Thanks Maya for the recent copy edit you performed on my book Qal and the Souls’ Journey. I am very pleased with your work, especially the thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism you brought to bear on my manuscript. Having another person review my work prior to engaging in the publishing process was invaluable. My manuscript is now at a stage where I can pursue publishing options confident that the book has undergone an objective evaluation. Once again, thank you for your involvement.”
Paul Hasick, Film Director and Author

“Maya was our editorial intern in the spring and summer of 2013. Her work was quick, carefully done, and always on time, and we loved having her in the office. “
Greg Ioannou, Publisher at Iguana Books

“Maya is a gifted writer and articulate editor. She is a strong team player that connects well with others. My forecast, bright blue skies in her career. It has been a pleasure working with her, I can’t recommend her enough.”
Rod Ponce, Chief Bee at BHive Social Media Labs

“Maya is a very reliable writer with a great eye for details. I knew any assignment I had for her would be in good hands and she would often bring a fresh perspective to a number of different topics. She was an absolute joy to work with.”
José Gonzalez, Freelance Writer and Editor

“I worked closely with Maya during her time as an Online Editor for the Arbitrage Magazine. Maya is a results-driven professional eager to gain significant and diverse experience in a variety of roles. Her focus lies in collaborating with colleagues to provide value for clients by meeting their goals and exceeding expectations. Maya is a leader who takes responsibility for her work both individually and in team environments, and thrives in fast-paced work environments with tight deadlines and limited direction. Maya successfully helped oversee the editing and publishing of the Arbitrage Magazine‘s editorial content from print to online during her time with the publication.”
David Alexander, Publisher and CEO of Arbitrage Magazine

“When I worked with Maya as a volunteer copy editor, she showed a dedication and patience not common in many of the volunteers I’d worked with. Her editing skills were a boon for the organization, and she was a pleasure to work with.”
Nicholas Maronese, Editorial Consultant at Autofocus.ca

“Maya was a hard-working student with a maturity of thought well beyond her years. Through her diligence and new-found confidence in her writing and analytical abilities, Maya took great strides toward becoming a competent and thought-provoking writer. Maya’s willingness to take on difficult assignments, together with her creativity and persistence, made her a memorable student and I am confident will power her to success throughout her career.”
Bruce Watson, Manager, Recognition and Stewardship at Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

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