PPro8 Software Manual: Chart Window

For the past year and a bit, I’ve been gainfully and very happily employed as a business analyst/technical writer for an intra-day trading firm. The work is challenging and stimulating, and I learn new things every day. Some months back, I proposed an overhaul of our proprietary software documentation. My main recommendation was that we follow the Microsoft Manual of Style and spiffy up the images a bit.

The work is ongoing and I am by no means done (can an editor’s job ever be done? And I remain an editor at heart); however, I feel the PPro8 Chart Window manual in particular is exemplary of my abilities as a writer of instructions and an editor of the images that go along with them. Traders use the Chart Window to visually graph movements in a stock’s price from minute to minute, and make trades and analyses based on this information.

With this documentation project, it is my sincere hope that traders have a handy reference and a reliable guide to PPro8, our stock trading software. I also hope they think it’s pretty, because I put in extra care to make it clean, clear, and concise—to make it easy to understand and minimalist to a fault. Let me know if you think I’ve succeeded.

PPro8 Wiki

PPro8 Chart Window: sample chart window and toolbars

technical writing software manual screenshot

PPro8 Chart Window: chart window customization

technical writing software manual screenshot

PPro8 Chart Window: send an order from the chart window

Like what you see? Contact me today. I’m looking for part-time freelance opportunities in writing and editing.


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