Generation Facebook

Apart from doing copywriting and copy editing work, I also dabble in translation.

Like many of my peers, I gained some informal translation experience during the process of immigration and cultural assimilation into Canadian society. As children of immigrants pick up the country’s language quicker, they are often thrust into the role of interpreter for their parents early on. Below is my most recent attempt at translation.

Language Pair: Russian>English
Source Text: Поколение F, (extract)
Word Count: Source: 288 Target: 357

Generation F

Young parents name their child thanks to Facebook

The word “Facebook,” which the majority of people recognize as the name of a popular social network, has taken on a life of its own. Nowadays, Facebook is not just an online meeting place for casual conversation. It is also a ready source of inspiration for the parents of today’s children, a phenomenon that has set the media abuzz.

Facebook, to be sure, is a useful and convenient tool. With it, you can peruse photographs taken in distant lands by your friends, find out about upcoming events, share interesting links, and so on. But certain members of the social network harness it for rather unusual purposes.

In one instance, they turned Facebook into a family planning site. Some users post information to their profiles in the aim of finding love, while those who have had their share of romantic encounters and decided to settle down now turn to their Facebook peers for help in naming their children.

And so, in late 2010, Romy and Robert Alpinelli posted a request for help in coming up with a name for their unborn daughter. The couple promised to name their child based on the counsel of strangers who were willing to vote for their favourite name.

In approaching the Facebook community for advice, the Canadian family explained their reasoning. They said that the baby would be born very soon but they just couldn’t make up their minds on what to name it. The Alpinellis also said they banked their hopes on the good judgement of respondents and appealed to them to propose beautiful female names and avoid suggesting names that were too exotic.

Aria, Onyx, Sophia, Grayson, and Willow were among the suggested names. Expecting the baby’s arrival at any moment, the couple finally chose the names they liked best out of the long list, created a poll, and opened it for voting. Approximately 22,000 Facebook users took part in the poll, with the final results revealing the winning name: Melania. The Alpinellis kept their promise and named their daughter accordingly. She was born December 2010.

*Update: Facebook is indeed a powerful influence on parents. Witness baby Facebook and baby Like.

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