Ninja-Cat for Hire

One of the more fun copywriting pieces I did involved a classified ad for Kijiji. My family took in an unwanted kitten temporarily; we couldn’t keep him because we already had a house full of pets. It fell to me to put him up for adoption, so I turned, naturally, to online classifieds boards. Here are the text and photos that made up the ad.

Mr. Ninja-Cat (alias)


To obtain a challenging position in an established home, which will allow me to make full use of my skillz, acquire new ones, and make a meaningful catribution to the domicile.

Summary of Qualifications

–          Housebroken (but spirit is not)

–          Can run as fast as the Road Runner

–          CAT Scan Certified

Employment History

Sep. 2010-Jan. 2010: Professional Cat (part-time)

–          Fulfilled various catministrative tasks, including: chasing invisible friends, rubbing legs, eating noms, and (my favourite) snoozzzing


Oct. 2010-present: York University, Honours Double Major B.A. in Catese and English, with a minor in Lolspeak

Graduating Feb. 2011

Member of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh

Criminal Background

Guilty of sniffing catnip on occasion :( … or should I say, :)


I’m for hire! My manager friend has already recruited two cats who were laid off by their previous bosses, and would really like to but really can’t make another addition to the staff. With the economy being what it is, good cats everywhere struggle to make a decent living. If you can give me a $10 advance (so that I know you’re srsly serious) and feel that I would be an asset to your home, send me an e-mail and my personal assistant will e-mail you right back. Many meows and happy New Year! :)









editor writer


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