JobVirtue Press Release

Part of my job at JobVirtue involves writing marketing copy; this press release is one example. When writing this piece, I strove to keep it as short and to-the-point as possible. I self-edit mercilessly, and I’m sure it shows.

New Website Helps Job Seekers Socialize and Find Work

If you were looking for work, how would you go about it? If you’re like most job hunters, you’d craft a professional resume, scroll through online job postings, and inquire among family and friends about job prospects in the companies they work for. If you’re outgoing, you’d schmooze at job fairs and other networking events. If you’re reticent, you’d limit your job search efforts to job boards like Monster and Craigslist. Meanwhile, you’d let off steam using your social network, whether on Facebook or offline. But what if there were another way to approach the job hunt?

“Job network, resume network, social network–the ideal job site should be all of these things,” says Alex Parker, CIO of job search portal Launched in 2008, has recently rolled out a series of upgrades that employers and would-be employees alike will find useful. The new, improved website has a social network and resume database built in, and features video-conferencing rooms for online job interviews.

“We’re working to fill the gaps in contemporary job search websites,” says Parker. “The social element is very important, and the key is to create a comfortable setting for a dialogue between job applicants and the employers who are looking for them.”

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